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What is Assist?

Assist is the library staff's tool that both assists in the dialog with the user and facilitates logistics tasks with shelf auditing tools. Staff can access basic library system functionality on any mobile device and have the entire library at their fingertips - even on the go. 


Audience features

  • Latest materials on the front page provides inspiration and knowledge about updates to the material collection.
  • Search the library's collection with search suggestions for a faster search.
  • Scan materials and get information about them.
  • Material view and More info on items provide a detailed overview of the material's information and loan status.
  • Item view shows a specific item's information.
  • Reserve for patron to reserve the item for the patron.
  • Patron lookup to get an overview of and edit the patron's information and see their loans, reservations and balances.
  • Lend material
  • Return material
  • Create patron in the library system

Logistics features

  • Shelf audit to scan for materials with deviating statuses.


Assist for your library?

If you would like to learn more about Assist for your library, please contact sales@redia.dk or call +45 70 20 11 30.