You can search for items in the library holdings by tapping "Search" in the bottom menu.



Tapping in the search field activates the keyboard. It is possible to search by titles, authors, subject headings, subject headings, and fist numbers, as well as using search codes, e.g. facet.category=children's materials. The search codes are defined by the library system.

When you start typing, a number of search suggestions will appear. The entry is highlighted in the search suggestions themselves, making it easy to decipher why the suggestion is displayed. The search suggestions are listed with the three most commonly used facets - title, subject and author.   


The search text can be deleted by tapping the cross in the search box to start the search from the beginning. The keyboard can be shut down by tapping "Cancel" next to the search box or tapping the screen. 

If you want to narrow your search, you can do so on the search result itself, where a number of filters are available. 

Read about filtering on the search result here.

Search history

Your previous search terms are saved so they can be used again quickly. They appear in a long list when you open "Search" with the most recent searches at the top. You can clear the entire list by tapping "Clear" or remove a single item by swiping left.