Scan material

If you want to quickly find out the location or status of a material, you can use "Scan material". The function is located under "Search", which is accessed via the bottom menu. 


"Scan material" is opened with the button next to the search field and the material can be scanned. On iOS, it is necessary to activate the device's NFC scanner by tapping "Scan". On Android, the NFC scanner is activated as soon as the "Scan material" icon is tapped.


                                1.1.png         1.png

It is possible to scan the barcode of the material either using the device's camera or barcode scanner, if the device has one.

Previewing the item

Once the material has been scanned, the item view opens. Here you can see data and information about the specific material. Among other things, it is possible to see the status, affiliation and location of the item.

Under "Log" on the page, you can see the time and information about where the item has been registered in the library system. 


Read about Item view


* The feature is not yet fully implemented for FBS.