Assist makes it possible to check out materials wherever you are in the library. The feature is located under "Patrons" in the bottom menu.

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Scan materials

To check out, you need to scan the materials with the device's NFC scanner. On Android, the scanner is always active, but on iOS it needs to be activated with the "Scan" button at the bottom. However, the scanner is active when "Handover" is opened. The difference is due to the different operating systems on the devices.

It is only possible to scan with the device's NFC scanner and not with a barcode as elsewhere in Assist. This is because the alarm is turned on in the RFID tag when it is scanned with the device's NFC scanner. 


Scanned materials are shown with a cover image if a digital cover is available, otherwise a colored rectangle with title and author is shown, as well as the title, author and any other contributors and material number.


Error scenarios

If the material has RFID tags that have not been registered, it will be visible on the screen and you will be prompted to scan the material again and register the missing parts. However, it is possible to complete the submission without all parts being registered. 

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Similarly, you will be informed if an alarm on a material is not activated correctly. You can scan the material again, but it is also possible to end the delivery. 

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When all materials have been scanned, tap "Finish" at the bottom. This confirms the submission and shows the number of materials submitted. An email receipt is automatically sent to the patron if one is registered in the library system. Otherwise, it is possible to enter a temporary email address to which the receipt is sent. 

If the items were checked out to different patrons, they will each receive a return receipt for the item(s) they borrowed.