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What is the Library app?

The Library app brings together all the municipal library's materials, events and news in one easy-to-use solution.

The user can be inspired to find new materials via the front shelves, search across all material types, make reservations, make and renew loans, receive automatic notifications, and be informed about library news and events via the app.


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Core functions

All 98 municipalities in Denmark have access to the Library app and its core functions. When opening the app for the first time, the user will be asked to select a municipality and log in. The user can choose not to log in to the app. 

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On the front page, the user can search for materials or find inspiration for new materials on the different front page shelves. The user can see opening hours, events and news for the municipal library she has selected. If the user is logged in, she can see opening hours for the branch she is affiliated with.


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If the user is logged in and has given the app permission to collect data, the "Recommended for you" shelf will be displayed as the top front page shelf.

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The user can search for materials at the top of the front page or by tapping "Search" in the bottom menu. Under "Search", the user can also search in the search box at the top of the page or search via the different genres and filter the content of the search. The user can use "Customize" to filter the search.

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My page

"My page" collects all personal information and settings for the user. To access "My page", the user must therefore be logged in. In the top menu, the user has access to "Loaner cards", "Messages" and "Settings". The user also has an overview of loans, reservations, reminder list and outstanding balances.


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If the user has given the app permission to collect data, the "Loan history" feature will be displayed under "My page".

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If the user's local library is affiliated with "Biblioteksvagten", she will be able to write to "Biblioteksvagten" under "Messages" on "My Page". 


Under "More", all the information related to the municipal library that the user has selected is gathered. If the user is not logged in, opening hours and contact information for the municipality's main library are displayed. If the user is logged in, information related to their selected branch is displayed instead. The user also has the option to change municipality here.


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If the user's municipal library is affiliated with "Biblioteksvagten", the user will also have the option to write to "Biblioteksvagten" under the "More" page.

Add-on features for your library?

If you want to hear more about add-on features for your library, you are very welcome to write to sales@redia.dk or call +45 70 20 11 30.