Front page

The front page of the library app contains a number of "shelves" with associated materials that the user can scroll through and be inspired by. In addition, the front page also shows the library's opening hours, events and news.



The shelves on the front page vary with different titles and themes. You can see the items on the shelf by scrolling sideways and read more about each item by clicking on it.

The content of the shelves varies and is updated regularly. Some content is retrieved from the library's website, while other content is retrieved from external sites such as eReolen. The shelves, and the app in general, only show materials that are owned by the libraries in the municipality in question or that can be borrowed via eReolen.



Opening hours

The opening hours on the front page apply to the branch where the user has chosen to pick up reservations, see Settings. The bar shows the outermost hours, i.e. the earliest opening time (typically self-service) and latest closing time (typically self-service).

If the user is not logged in, the opening hours of the municipality's main library are displayed.

Clicking on the bar will take you to an opening hours page with more detailed information about the library's opening hours and contact information, as well as the option to view opening hours for other days and other branches, see more.


Read about opening hours and contact information

Events and news

The front page also shows the library's events and news. The order is determined by the start time of the events and the publication date of the news.

By clicking on an event, you can see the start and end time, a description, a button for online registration, and any related materials. 

Under a news item, you can read the news text and, if linked, view related materials.

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