Scanner for shelf auditing

Scanner is our term for the mobile handheld scanner that can be used for auditing in libraries. It can be connected to Assist and used in conjunction with the "Shelf Audit" feature.

Together, Assist and Scanner are a useful tool for cleaning up the shelves and ensuring that neither you nor your patrons miss out on materials.

The Scanner can be assigned to a branch so that it can only be used at that branch, or it can be configured to work at all your branches as long as they use the same network


The RFID antenna itself is the light gray piece at the top.


The Scanner is turned on by pressing the button at the bottom and a green LED lights up at the bottom of the display.


Connected to network

When the Scanner is turned on, it will automatically connect to the configured network. This is indicated by the third LED on the Scanner's display flashing slowly. When it finds the network, the LED will blink faster until the Scanner is connected. Then the LED will turn off.


Start scanning

To activate the Scanner, press the top button just below the display. The top LED in the display will then light up green. When the Scanner detects an RFID tag, the LED will turn blue.

If the Scanner has been inactive for a period of time, the LED will automatically turn off. Scanning must then be reactivated before new materials can be scanned.


The scanned materials are registered in Assist under the "Shelf Audit" function.


Battery status and charging

In the display you can see the status of the battery:

  • Not lit: the battery is charged
  • Lights up orange: the battery is at 15%.
  • Red light: battery is empty, antenna cannot be switched on
  • Flashing red: automatically shuts down after 5 seconds

The battery is located in the Scanner's handle opposite the display. It snaps out at the top and is charged with the included charger.

A full charge takes approximately 2-4 hours. A green LED on the charger indicates that the Scanner is now fully charged.

Read about charging the battery and the Scanner in the leaflet manual included with the product.

Read about the "Shelf audit" feature