Material display

The item view, which appears when tapping on either the front page or title of an item in the search result, contains related metadata for the item and the option to reserve it for a patron.

The item is displayed with:

  • Cover image if a digital cover exists, otherwise a colored rectangle with title and author is displayed.
  • Material type
  • Title type
  • Author
  • Year of publication
  • Language of publication

It is possible to click on the author and the search result for that author will be displayed.



Order for patron

You can reserve the material for the patron using the "Reserve for patron" button. The barcode on the patron card is scanned with the device's camera and the order page opens with the option to change pickup branch and confirm the reservation.

                                Assist-materialevisning-_-bestil-til-la_ner.png     8.png

Read about Order to patron

Availability and reservations

Under the "Order for patron" button, the lending status and number of items is displayed, so it is possible to see how many materials are available in relation to the total number. A green dot next to the number indicates that at least one item is available, while a red dot indicates that all items are unavailable.


It shows the number of reservations on the material so that the potential waiting time can be assessed and communicated to the patron if necessary.



If the item is available at the branch you are logged in to, its location will be shown in a gray box on the item view. The entire location path of the item is displayed so you can easily find the item. If the item is not at your branch, there will be no location box.



If the material has a description, it can be read below the location. The entire description can be unfolded by clicking on the arrow.



Under "About" you will find a range of information about the material. The amount of data varies for different materials. Most often, the original title of the work, the year of first publication, the target group and any contributors are displayed. The field can be expanded by clicking on the arrow.


Some information acts as active links. These will be underlined and if you tap on them, a new search will open. You can return to the material view by tapping the back arrow in the top left corner.



You can see the keywords associated with the material. The keywords are active, so it is possible to tap on them. You will then be taken to the search result for that keyword. You can return to the material view by tapping the back arrow in the top left corner.

                            6.1.png      Assist-materialevisning---emneord-søg

All editions

All editions of the material are listed under "All editions". Clicking on one of the materials brings up the relevant material view.


Related materials

At the bottom of the materials view, you can get inspiration for other materials that relate to the selected one. This allows you to easily guide users to similar materials that may be relevant to her. 

There are two shelves:

  • Something similar
    • Determined by an underlying algorithm that selects materials based on similarities to the selected one.
  • More by [ main actor ] (e.g. author)
    • Other materials that the main actor has been a part of.

You can open the list on "All" and see, among other things, the availability of the materials.


More info and copies

By clicking on "More info and copies" under the "Order to patron" button, you can access more specific information about the selected publication.