User settings

Your information can be found under "User settings", accessed via "More" in the bottom menu, or by clicking on your name on the front page. 

    Assist-forside---markering-af-Mere.png    1.png      Assist-Brugerindstillinger

Change branch

It is possible to change branch by tapping "⇄ Change branch". This will display a list of all branches in the municipality from which the desired branch can be found. Furthermore, you can search for a branch via the search field.

                              Assist-Brugerindstillinger---skift-filial     5.png


Below you can see name, username, role and directory. 


Here you have the option to change directory by clicking "Change directory". You will then be logged out of your current library. 


Security settings

PIN code

As a security measure, you can set a four-digit PIN code by tapping "Choose a PIN code" or the type icon. This will lock Assist when inactive and the app can only be opened with a PIN code or a biometric method. 
                              Assist-Brugerindstillinger---vælg-pinkode      Assist-brugerindstillinger---vælg-pinkode-indtast  

The code can later be changed in the same place. 


Biometric recognition

If you have set a PIN code and the device is set up for it, you can choose to enable biometric recognition. Assist will then unlock with fingerprint or facial recognition depending on the device. However, Assist does not support biometric recognition on all Android devices.  


Log out

To log out, tap "Log out" at the bottom of "User settings".